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Our Mission

A foundation aimed at providing solutions to problems and aims to reward solution providing ambassadors with cash prices where we come together to provide solutions to various problems in the society

Cancer Funding and Awareness

Cancer Funding and Awareness: Quiz Money Game aims to provide awareness and funding on how to prevent cancer as well as manage this virus, what to do and symptoms to check regularly.

Education and Water Supply

Provide Water: Quiz Money Game aims to build boreholes for rural communities as part of our way of providing clean water for people who don’t have access to this basic amenity.
Provide Education: Quiz Money Game development program aims to train 100 children every year who are less privileged through school by providing scholarship programs for them.

Even More !

Drug Abuse fight: Quiz Money Game aims to educate youths on the danger of drug abuse and how to overcome as well as manage persons who are undergoing substance abuse.
Domestic Abuse: With the rising rate of domestic abuse, Quiz money game aims to create awareness on what people should do when these abuse is seen around them.
Plant Trees: Quiz money game aims to plant 1000 trees across Nigeria as part of its way to sustain mother nature and promote a healthier environment for all.
HIV/AIDS management: Quiz Money game aims to create awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness as well as provide 50000 condoms for youth so as to reduce the spread of this disease and encourage people to engage in safer sex as this is one of the fastest ways of spreading the disease.

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